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Recruitment Policy

We aim to provide equal opportunities in employment, and our recruitment and selection procedures reflect that. We correctly train our HR staff or other such members of staff who have recruitment and selection responsibilities, to ensure that they avoid unlawful discrimination, both of the conscious and unconscious varieties.

Our policy is to hire, promote, and advance employees solely on the basis of merit. All decisions related to hiring, recruitment, promotion or advancement will be made on this basis.

From time to time, all job descriptions, if utilized, shall be reviewed and revised to make sure that they comply with our policy of equal opportunity.

When we place advertisements for job vacancies, we take these issues into account, and they will be non-discriminatory in nature.

We are committed to providing fair treatment to each and every job applicant, and consider them only on the basis of their ability to carry out the essential functions of the job. All job interview must be of the non-discriminatory nature, and only concern job requirements.

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Training AND Development policy

Secure Solutions Security Ltd promises to provide a training and development program for its staff that is structured and includes both vocational and occasional refreshed training. The goal is to ensure success while enabling a high standard of service. This is also provided to comply with the Private Security Industry Act of 2001, the applicable legislation.

We will:

  • Provide introduction training for new staff and those transferring to new areas of our business
  • Provide the required training for those seeking promotion so that they are appropriately prepared for achieving their new responsibilities
  • Provide adequate training on health and safety for all employees
  • Ensure that employees are aware of the availability of all training courses
  • Develop a training plan for everyone, appropriate to each individual
  • Review individual training plans during annual appraisals

We are a leading security service providers based in UK covering all the major cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and associated with leading organizations comprising of high profile offices and public sectors.

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