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We have 24/7 operational control room. Our customers can reach us at any time for queries and any help during emergencies.

Construction Security

Secure Solutions Security provides full proof security plan and implementation in construction site areas. Construction site is an area where heavy and expensive materials, equipment as well as machinery is used, therefore there is always a threat of robbery. These expensive construction machinery and materials needs to be guarded round the clock.

Corporate Security

Our security forces are trained to carry out even the most difficult tasks with ease. In case any unusual situation is found, they are able to carry out operations without disrupting business or working of other staff members. Presence of mind and quick on spot decisions is a part of their training, thus even the worst situations are brought under control immediately.

Hotel Security

In order to run a hotel business successfully and smoothly, it is very important to have it safe and secure. People from all walks of life and from all over the world would prefer staying at your hotel only if they are satisfied with the security, safety and privacy of their personal life as well as their belongings. Routine check of the reception area and the surrounding to ensure everything is fine

Event Security

Secure Solutions Security ensures to make any event successful by providing safe and secure environment. Various events like charity shows, concerts, corporate events, festivals, sports gala, parties and many more cannot be carried out without proper security plan. Events of any kind involves huge crowds, high profile guests, performers and celebrities.

Traffic Marshall

Secure solutions security have trained traffic marshals to manage the smooth parking, loading and unloading of goods as well taking care of the pedestrians and other vehicles in these areas. Our traffic marshals are provided with appropriate jackets to make them noticeable even in the dark. They work efficiently and with responsibility to keep the traffic flow smooth and to avoid accidents.

Fire marshall

We at Secure Solutions Security give special training to our officers to manage emergencies especially in case of fire. Usually in buildings there are fire alarm systems installed, fire extinguishers and emergency exit for fire evacuation. Our Security officers keep a constant check on the working of fire alarm system and keep clear evacuation areas. Special trainers avoid panic at the time of emergencies.

Warehouse security

Warehouse is an important area for businesses dealing with hardware equipment and machinery which are stored in bulk. Warehouses are usually situated away from the main city area especially near a dockyard.Our Security forces are exceptionally reliable to take care of the valuables stored in warehouse. Patrolling the area, monitoring CCTV cameras, keeping track of the vehicles entering exiting warehouse. Checking required documents to ensure reliable authorized personnel.

Concierge security

Services provided by Secure Solutions Security in front of the house, especially the ones which are huge or situated in remote places, these houses are usually the targets to swipe the entire house. Robbers observe the activity and routine of the members of the house and easily barge in. Our experienced and trained security guards are well aware of such activities. They quickly spot such suspicious individuals and deal with them before they even think of planning anything.


For your home, office, and properties we provide CCTV monitoring guards. Your family, business, and property surveillance is our top priority. Our CCTV operators are experts at handling any hi-tech equipment installed to monitor the premises, they can quickly deter any crime or anti-social behavior and provide high-quality evidence to further investigate the matter. They work calmly and efficiently in an emergency.CCTV cameras are some of the technologies used as well as keeping a vigilant eye on out of the routine activities.

Retail security

Retail business owners are at a risk of theft, vandalism and shop lifters. Whether the business is small or at a larger scale like supermarkets, departmental stores there is always a threat of being robbed. Secure Solutions Security have security officers stationed at the forefront of your business outlet first meets the customers entering the premises.

Cleaning Services

At Secure Solutions Security, we offer clients a professional after-builders cleaning service. Our cleaners ensure that all dirt and dust are removed from every inch of your home. Our builder's clean includes wiping down appliances, sanitizing sinks, changing bedsheets, vacuuming, moping floors and many other services. Our builder's clean is specifically tailored to your needs and the needs of your property.


We are a leading security service providerĀ  based in London covering all the major cities likeĀ  Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol

Bradford, Birmingham, Leeds, Luton, Sheffield.

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