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COnstruction Security

Secure Solutions Security provides full proof security plan and implementation in construction site areas. Construction site is an area where heavy and expensive materials, equipment as well as machinery is used, therefore, there is always a threat of robbery. These expensive construction machinery and materials needs to be guarded round the clock.

These areas are dangerous due to uneven landscape. The land is dug deep down for construction purpose. The area needs to be guarded at all times to avoid any kind of mishap. CCTV, patrolling as well as data entries of onsite workers and visitors have to be kept. Proper parking areas to be reserved for vehicles.

Our security officers are exceptionally skilled to maintain daily records, operate and monitor CCTV cameras and patrol the entire area on foot or by using vehicles continuously. Their duty also includes keeping children, trespassers and visitors away from the site. To check and lock all tools and machinery before the day ends.


We are a leading security service providers based in UK covering all the major cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and associated with leading organizations comprising of high profile offices and public sectors.

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