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Equal Opportunities Policy

Secure Solutions Security Ltd members and staff oppose racism and sexism in all the forms in which it is manifested. We pledge to implement policies that treat all persons in all the functions of our business equally on the basis of race, sex, class, color, ethnic origin, nationality, sexuality, marital status, age, trade union activity or membership, physical or mental disability, or religious belief. We endeavor to promote these values within the places in which we operate and with individuals, organizations or entities that we come into contact with. 

Secure Solutions Security Ltd is dedicated to taking action to carry out this policy.


Equal Opportunities policy statement


Secure Solutions Security Ltd states that it is an equal opportunities employer. Accordingly:

  • In providing Security Services and employing persons to provide these services, Secure Solutions Security Ltd endeavors to make any employment decisions based on equality of opportunity and fair treatment for all persons.
  • No person or group seeking services, a job, or contracts with us will be treated with discrimination based on sex, sexuality, age, race, class, color, nationality, ethnic origin, marital status, trade union membership or activity, physical or mental disability, or religious belief.
  • Secure Solutions Security Ltd, in the course of implementing this policy, will strive to aid disadvantaged person groups to benefit from its provided services, and attempt to identify the needs of such persons and groups.
  • We will compile and review records of the ethnic/racial origin and sex of everyone applying for services or jobs from us to aid in implementing this equal opportunity policy.
  • For and on behalf of Secure Solutions Security Ltd. the negative impact our operations could potentially have on the environment.


Environmental Policy


Accordingly, our policy is to:

  • Always strive to better our performance regarding environmental issues and use the best environmental management practices as part of our business operations.
  • Try to minimize our use of resources and to attempt to efficiently use those resources that we must consume.
  • Attempt to reduce our carbon footprint to comply with our targeted objectives.
  • Responsibly apply the principles of waste reduction, waste reuse, and waste recycling as per our waste management practices.
  • Try to prevent pollution at our premises and work sites.
  • Take environmental issues and energy performance into account in facility purchases, design, refurbishment, and management.
  • Take environmental issues, including climate change, into account when buying services and goods.
  • Obey all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • The company monitors progress on these goals, seeks feedback from employees and customers on these issues, and informs employees about the importance of environmental issues. 
  • We work with our employees, service partners, landlords, and their agents and customers to improve our performance on environmental issues. 
  • We take sustainability and other environmental issues into account when providing security services.


Health & Safety Policy


This is the statement of general policy and arrangements for Secure Solutions Security Ltd. Farhan Yousaf Khan – Manager has overall and final responsibility for health and safety. Farhan Yousaf Khan– Manager has day-to-day responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into practice.


Statement of General Policy


Action/Arrangements (What are you going to do?)


  • Prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health by managing the health and safety risks in the workplace
  • Relevant risk assessments completed and actions arising out of those assessments implemented. (Risk assessments reviewed when working habits or conditions change.)
  • Provide clear instructions and information, and adequate training, to ensure employees are competent to do their work
  • Staff and subcontractors were given necessary health and safety induction and provided with appropriate training (including working at height, asbestos awareness, and electrical safety) and personal protective equipment. We will ensure that suitable arrangements are in place to cover employees engaged in work remotely from the main company site.
  • Engage and consult with employees on day-to-day health and safety conditions
  • Staff routinely consulted on health and safety matters as they arise but also formally consulted at regular health and safety performance review meetings or sooner if required.
  • Implement emergency procedures – evacuation in case of fire or other significant incident. You can find help with your fire risk assessment at: responsibilities
  • Escape routes are well-signed and kept clear at all times. Evacuation plans are tested from time to time and updated as necessary.
  • Maintain safe and healthy working conditions, provide and maintain plant, equipment, and machinery, and ensure safe storage/use of substances
  • Toilets, washing facilities, and drinking water are provided. System in place for routine inspections and testing of equipment and machinery and for ensuring that action is promptly taken to address any defects.


Recruitment and Selection Policy


We aim to provide equal opportunities in employment, and our recruitment and selection procedures reflect that. We correctly train our HR staff or other such members of staff who have recruitment and selection responsibilities, to ensure that they avoid unlawful discrimination, both of the conscious and the unconscious varieties.

Our policy is to hire, promote, and advance employees solely based on merit. All decisions related to hiring, recruitment, promotion, or advancement will be made on this basis.

From time to time, all job descriptions, if utilized, shall be reviewed and revised to make sure that they comply with our policy of equal opportunity.

When we place advertisements for job vacancies, we will take these issues into account, and they will be non-discriminatory.

We are committed to providing fair treatment to every job applicant and consider them only based on their ability to carry out the essential functions of the job. All job interview questions must be nondiscriminatory, and only concern job requirements.


Training and development policy


Secure Solutions Security Ltd promises to provide a training and development program for its staff that is structured and includes both vocational and occasional refresher training. The goal is to ensure success while enabling a high standard of service. This is also provided to comply with the Private Security Industry Act of 2001, the applicable legislation.

We will:

  • Provide induction training for new staff and those transferring to new areas of our business
  • Provide the required training for those seeking promotion so that they are appropriately prepared for achieving their new responsibilities
  • Provide adequate training on health and safety for all employees
  • Ensure that employees are aware of the availability of all training courses • Develop a training plan for everyone, appropriate to each individual
  • Review individual training plans during annual appraisals

We train staff members to be able to handle all tasks relevant to their specific assignments and to maintain or acquire the necessary specialist skills. Training is provided at continuation, refresher, and contingency levels.

This policy has been reviewed and approved by the Directors of the firm and has the support of all management levels in Secure Solutions Security Ltd.


Covid/Coronavirus policy


We wanted to write to you regarding our COVID/Coronavirus policy to try and keep everyone safe and well during the current situation and our policy about security guard services, we provide to our clients. This is in line with government advice on their website we have also added some further safety measures above and beyond the advice which are implemented to ensure the safety of all including our staff, employees, and clients.

First and foremost if you have any symptoms of the virus or have come into contact with anyone with the virus then please notify management as soon as possible. Please let us know if any staff member is unwell or showing any symptoms.

In line with the government’s advice, those who are shielded or otherwise clinically vulnerable should ensure they are aware of the medical advice, including staying at home and avoiding unnecessary contact over this period, if possible.

All staff should be equipped with PPE including hand gel, gloves, and masks. Protective PPE, e.g.; gloves and mask must be worn at all times, Cleaning of hands with sanitizer every 30 minutes.

Maintain a 2-meter distance while talking with the Manager / Supervisor. Ensure that proper sanitizing of your surroundings while you are working. Inform control regarding any Fever or symptoms of COVID-19.

Ensure that the cabin is kept clean and tidy. Ensure there are hand sanitizers, paper towels and disinfectant spray at the security officer cabin to ensure that hygiene is maintained. All radios, mobile phones and other equipment’s to be cleaned before the start of the shift with disinfectant wipes, Make sure you use gloves to open all handles and doors and other electronic equipment that officers use daily to avoid the spread of viruses on any surface.

In addition, we would ask that you call or email us where possible to reduce any face-to-face contact. If you would like to visit our office, we would ask that you could please call us beforehand so we can let you know the safe arrangements we have put in place after risk assessing our offices.

If you have any further specific questions, please let us know and we would be happy to help.


Sexual Harassment Policy


Secure Solutions Security Ltd regards sexual harassment as a type of unacceptable misconduct that interferes with a proper employment relationship. Employees have a right to expect that their workplace and working environment will be free of all discrimination or conduct that is harassing, disruptive, or coercive. Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited and will result in discipline, with the sanctions ranging up to and including termination.


  1. Sexual Harassment Definition


Sexual harassment includes non-consensual verbal, physical, or visual sexually oriented conduct or materials, requests for sexual favors, or sexual advances. This includes anything objectionable or offensive to the person exposed to it, and includes but is not limited to, sexual epithets, suggestive or derogatory slurs, gestures or comments, and offensive drawings, pictures, cartoons, or posters.

Our policy is based on the legislative definition of sexual harassment. It includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that occur under the following conditions

When conduct of this nature constitutes either an explicit or implicit condition or term of employment (such as when it impacts promotion, training, timekeeping or overtime assignments)

When submission to or rejection of the conduct is utilized as a factor in making employment decisions (such as for hiring, promotion, or termination)

When the conduct interferes with an individual’s work performance or results in a hostile, intimidating, or offensive work environment

Sexual harassment may also involve employee conduct that interferes unreasonably with another employee’s work performance through the creation of a hostile, intimidating, or offensive workplace environment. Sexual harassment includes any behavior by employees aimed at other employees including, but not limited to, explicit or subtle pressure for sexual activity, touching or language of an inappropriate nature, asking for or demanding sexual favors, or physical assault.


  1. What is excluded from the definition of sexual harassment?


Sexual harassment does not include socially acceptable occasional remarks or compliments or common friendly terms of greeting. It only encompasses unwelcome behavior and that which interferes with work effectiveness by decreasing morale or being personally offensive.

Doc No: QBD.13, Issue Date: 01-09-2021, Issue: 1 Page 1 of 2


  1. Non-Employee Harassment


Our company tries to protect all of its employees from harassment by customers, vendors, and other non-employees that they come into contact with.


  1. Procedure for Complaints


Employees who believe that they have been subject to sexual harassment should report it right away to the company Director or any other supervisory personnel. Employees are encouraged to make such reports in writing, to create a record, but verbal complaints are also accepted and welcome. Any such complaints are taken seriously and are promptly and fully investigated. The confidentiality of the person involved and witnesses shall be protected from unneeded disclosure as long as it is possible to do so. The individuals have a right to be informed of the results of the investigation.

Under usual circumstances, the individual will be contacted by the company within five days of their complaint and informed as to what steps are being taken in response. When a direct supervisor or other superior is the perpetrator of sexual harassment, their conduct should be reported to their supervisor or the company Director.


  1. Discipline


If an employee, including a supervisor, is determined to have harassed an applicant for employment or a current employee, disciplinary sanctions will be imposed which may include reprimands, suspension, or termination.

Legal responsibility may also be imposed.


  1. Managerial Responsibility


Managers and supervisors are charged with the responsibility of carrying out this policy with their area supervised. Sexual harassment is a violation of this policy and is also unlawful. The company acknowledges its responsibility to prevent, stop, and remedy workplace sexual harassment, to promptly investigate any complaints, and to immediately take corrective action to remedy the problem.


  1. Retaliation Prohibited


The company is opposed to and will not tolerate any retaliation against an employee who complains about sexual harassment or who serves as a witness in an investigation of a sexual harassment complaint.


  1. Amendment of Written Policy


This policy may be amended in writing from time to time, with any new version appearing in the employee handbook. We encourage employees to review this document now and whenever it is amended.


Drugs and Alcohol Policy


Many workplace accidents, injuries, and significant lost productivity are caused by alcohol or drug abuse on an annual basis. Our company policy is to have a workforce that does not engage in the illegal use of drugs or in the abuse of alcohol. We regard any alcohol or drug abuse by employees as very serious and something that this company cannot tolerate or condone.

We actively discourage any alcohol or drug abuse outside the workplace. The use of illegal drugs or alcohol at the workplace or any company premises is absolutely forbidden.


2.0 Possession, Use or Sale


Possession, use or sale of drugs or alcohol on company property, at any work site, or while on the job is grounds for serious disciplinary action which may include termination. Legal consequences may also occur.

All employees must be in good physical and mental condition for work when their shift starts and must be there on time, which drug or alcohol abuse may interfere with. Our company endeavors to provide a working environment that is safe, healthy, and drug-free.


3.0 Drug Testing


When there is reasonable suspicion that an employee has engaged in prohibited use of drugs or alcohol, the company reserves the right to make them undergo an alcohol or drug test. Reasonable suspicion is defined as including, but is not limited to:

Any evidence of alcohol or drug use of a physical or testimonial nature. The occurrence of an accident involving the employee, or an


Apparent impairment of work performance.


Refusal to submit to a requested alcohol or drug test can result in disciplinary actions, with sanctions ranging to and including termination.

Doc No: QBD.05 Issue Date: 01-09-2021, Issue: 1 Page 1 of 2


 4.0 Prescription Medication


Prescription medication or over-the-counter medication that can negatively impact an employee’s work performance should be avoided if at all possible. If the use of such medication renders an employee unable to properly or safely perform their job duties, their employment may be suspended or terminated.

Employees who are taking prescription medication or over-the-counter medication that can negatively impact their job performance must inform their supervisor of this before reporting to work.


5.0 Reporting Criminal Convictions


Employees convicted of any criminal drug offense, regardless of where it took place must report such conviction to the company in writing within three days. A similar report must be made in writing within three days of any pending court appearance or police caution for a drug-related incident.


6.0 Drug or Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs


Our company endeavors to assist employees who want to undergo rehabilitation or treatment for dependency on alcohol or drugs. Employees will not be terminated for trying to seek help for such problems and treatment of rehabilitation program enrolment will not be noted in an employee’s personnel file.

Employees enrolled in such programs must consent to being subjected to random drug testing and will be terminated if they fail such tests.

Secure Solutions Security Ltd employees with a drug or alcohol problem are encouraged to ask the company for help.


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