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CLeaning services

Post Construction Cleaning Services:

We provide post construction cleaning services which includes:
1. Vacuum Carpets, Upholstery & Sweep Floors
2. Wipe Down Hard Surfaces windows, glass doors, and partitions
3. Clean Air Vents & Replace Filters
4. Clean any other furniture or items in the renovation zone for a fully dust-free living space.
5. Removal of stickers and papers from glasses or appliances
6. Removes stains and spots of paint, splashes and adhesive residue.

Our helpful staff will look after all the post construction cleaning needs you require on just a single phone call.

Hotel Cleaning Services

Secure Solutions Security offers Regular as well as Deep Cleaning services. Our services can be booked as per your requirement daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Our reliable and responsible cleaners ensure that all the designated areas requested by you are cleaned up to your desire and satisfaction.

Office Cleaning Services

In order to have a clean office environment Secure Solutions Security Ltd is what you are looking for. Our professionally committed cleaners ensures that the entire work space as well as places which are in daily use are cleaned to the core. We also provide deep cleaning services on request.

Apartment Cleaning Services

Secure Solutions Security provides professional and standard cleaning services for your apartment. We provide services as per your specifications and ensures to clean every corner of your apartment to your satisfaction. Our services can be booked on a Daily, weekly, monthly or fortnightly basis.


We are a leading security service providers based in UK covering all the major cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and associated with leading organizations comprising of high profile offices and public sectors.

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